Friday, October 30, 2009

I'm gonna run this town tonight

Quite a weird eventful week.

I applied at Forever 21 yesterday. Then tomorrow I'm going to anthropologie for an open interview thing and then next week blockbuster is having open interviews as well. Um FREE rentals all the time... would be AWESOME!!

Watched the Phillies take the first win in the series. My dad was doing outrageous and amazing things. I was typing all his quotes on facebook and everyone who knows my dad got a good laugh! OH GEORGE. "I tried to be jewish; It didn't work out."

I watched Teeth the other night. I loved it. It was slow and kind of felt like a play. But I related so much to it because I used to be a Jesus Freak in HS and have an severe anger towards males who take advantage of girls. It was ridiculous. He fell asleep so I left and felt very lonely in a weird awful way.

I ate at Zola for lunch on wednesday with my parents, grandparents, and Stephanie and it was soo good. I had fried zuchinni and a ceasar salad. And lots of cranberry juice with lemon. My favorite juice EVER.

I watched another good movie. He told me not to tell anyone about it so I guess I can't. It was pretty predictable but beautiful. And I broke his clock... oops. I didn't realize it was functional. It just looked like a pizza to me. He had artwork from Ashley G and that made me excited. I have been a fan of her shop on Etsy for a while now.

When I was driving home that night and there was a deer running across 75 so we all were stopping and it seemed like the deer was going to get away alright and then it took a sudden dash the other way and this semi in the fast lane going 43290482 mph plowed her and she flew over to the shoulder. I don't know what happened to me but i inched over 4 lanes of traffic, parked, and ran back towards where she landed as fast as I could. i reached down cautiously to pet her and not scare her. she was drooling and wheezing and i just pet her face and neck until she took her last breath. it was terrible. it really was so awful. i'm still upset about it.

The weather has been perfect. It will be great for halloween. My outfit is silly but I don't care. Lauren let me spend $7 and it's going to be good enough for me!
Last night was pretty random which equals fun. I got to see Erin and Travis which was really fun esp. because I miss them! And we went to C&D and you could hear crickets.. or rats or whatever. So we walked to Northside Tavern and I met a handsome boy who could almost be considered a ginger that was very nice. And I ran into Ben and Adam. We frollicked around northside... and Adam had his longboard. I did an ollie with adam's help. But soon fell later on and busted my ass hard. My shoulder is all out of whack. I truly am an idiot. Then we went to this awesome girl Steph's apartment... and i got to listen to the new Brand New album which was exciting because they had an acoustic version of Jesus. This kid Ryan with an legendary beard had the Cd.

I didn't get to sleep until like 9 this morning and then was woken up to go to lunch again with the fam bc Lar took a half day at work. we went to cheddars. deeelish of course. Then walmart to get supplies for my costume and then the dealership where Lar paid to get my car lights fixed... another $100 to my tab.

Oh AND she paid to have my cell phone turned back on this week. I'm so stoked. She seriously is so amazing and supportive... and SELFLESS.

Today is my sister steph's bday, 27! happy bday :D

I'm excited for the weekend and am sad kind of that it is already here bc I didn't do any haunted houses or hayrides or pumpkin patches! well time for a nappy, then happy hour with the fam for steph's bday, make shirt for tonight, and then figure out the secure plans. yayayayay!


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