Thursday, July 23, 2009

Plan B

no, not the pill.

Well, since Fashion school was a bust and a half I have moved on to Plan B. I am now going to attend NKU in the fall (well august) and start their program for an XRAY or Ultrasound technician, Radiological...etc. Yes, it may seem a far cry from the relm of art but I feel passionate about helping people too and realized this may put more stability in my life... I will have a definite job when I get out. And since I have the 6 years of college I have already completed under my belt I assume it will not take me 2 years to finish the program.

This semester I only signed up for 9 credit hours because I want to ease into and I am taking two sciences both with labs.. so that is 8 hours. Then I'm taking intro to Tennis! I am really excited. It's only 1 credit hour but it puts me at the mark to have enough hours eligible to do Work Study! I have wanted to learn to play tennis for a long time. I am horrible at big team sports because I get so self conscious but I feel like this could be something I can really sink into... and love.

I got some creative juices flowing today! I worked on organizing more of my craft supplies and started on my inspiration corkboard thingamajig. Also, my sister and I broke out the beads and supplies and made some things! She made her first attempt at those intense beaded rings... and I made two pairs of really unique earrings that I'm super proud of.

On yes I watched the Uninvited tonight with my mom. It was so good! We both loved it and were really impressed with the plot and how the ending... well ended.

Some new fav looks from my style book that I created:
La Regale at ShopStyle

Express at ShopStyle

Free People at ShopStyle

Calypso at ShopStyle

Lippmann Collection at ShopStyle

and be sure to check out my etsy!!

I should be doing some little shows coming up, I'll keep you posted. Oh wait, no one reads this.... :) haha my own delight.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Well fashion school at DAAP is def. still a dream. Only 38% of people who apply get in. I GOT IN. But it is so expensive plus you have to buy a Mac Book Pro and tons of software. And many many art supplies for the studio classes. The loans I recieved only covered $16,000 and I need a minimum of $27,000. HA! You cannot possibly have a full time job while doing DAAP because it's so intense and so much outside work. UG. And a part time job... yea that would cover $11,000 that I'm short... I applied for the METRO rate since I live in a county in KY that is close to UC. But the BA that I am aiming for is not listed... only certain BA from DAAP are listed. So will I get the metro rate??? Let's cross our fingers. Once I know this I can nip my dream in the bud or finally feel like I have some direction in my life. I will be truly crushed if I cannot make this happen. I need this... I needsomething to go right for once!!

On happier notes....
I went to target today to spend the last on my credit card and take advantage of some good coupons and my %10 off my entire purchase reward. I saved $47.00. My favorite purchase were these Skinny black jeans with Zippers on the ankles. Hell yeah!

A really great Etsier ( just bought some necklaces from my shop and was kind enough to compare me to this popular jewelry and accessories designer:
You can really get sucked in that website. Of course it has some of my favorite things like Abe Lincoln and Barbie :)

Another note that makes me happy:
ShopStyle is a great website where you can create a profile and create looks with different pieces from fashion designers. It's all dreams for me but SO FUN. I highly recommend the website. :)
here is my profile on there: add me!