Friday, October 30, 2009

I'm gonna run this town tonight

Quite a weird eventful week.

I applied at Forever 21 yesterday. Then tomorrow I'm going to anthropologie for an open interview thing and then next week blockbuster is having open interviews as well. Um FREE rentals all the time... would be AWESOME!!

Watched the Phillies take the first win in the series. My dad was doing outrageous and amazing things. I was typing all his quotes on facebook and everyone who knows my dad got a good laugh! OH GEORGE. "I tried to be jewish; It didn't work out."

I watched Teeth the other night. I loved it. It was slow and kind of felt like a play. But I related so much to it because I used to be a Jesus Freak in HS and have an severe anger towards males who take advantage of girls. It was ridiculous. He fell asleep so I left and felt very lonely in a weird awful way.

I ate at Zola for lunch on wednesday with my parents, grandparents, and Stephanie and it was soo good. I had fried zuchinni and a ceasar salad. And lots of cranberry juice with lemon. My favorite juice EVER.

I watched another good movie. He told me not to tell anyone about it so I guess I can't. It was pretty predictable but beautiful. And I broke his clock... oops. I didn't realize it was functional. It just looked like a pizza to me. He had artwork from Ashley G and that made me excited. I have been a fan of her shop on Etsy for a while now.

When I was driving home that night and there was a deer running across 75 so we all were stopping and it seemed like the deer was going to get away alright and then it took a sudden dash the other way and this semi in the fast lane going 43290482 mph plowed her and she flew over to the shoulder. I don't know what happened to me but i inched over 4 lanes of traffic, parked, and ran back towards where she landed as fast as I could. i reached down cautiously to pet her and not scare her. she was drooling and wheezing and i just pet her face and neck until she took her last breath. it was terrible. it really was so awful. i'm still upset about it.

The weather has been perfect. It will be great for halloween. My outfit is silly but I don't care. Lauren let me spend $7 and it's going to be good enough for me!
Last night was pretty random which equals fun. I got to see Erin and Travis which was really fun esp. because I miss them! And we went to C&D and you could hear crickets.. or rats or whatever. So we walked to Northside Tavern and I met a handsome boy who could almost be considered a ginger that was very nice. And I ran into Ben and Adam. We frollicked around northside... and Adam had his longboard. I did an ollie with adam's help. But soon fell later on and busted my ass hard. My shoulder is all out of whack. I truly am an idiot. Then we went to this awesome girl Steph's apartment... and i got to listen to the new Brand New album which was exciting because they had an acoustic version of Jesus. This kid Ryan with an legendary beard had the Cd.

I didn't get to sleep until like 9 this morning and then was woken up to go to lunch again with the fam bc Lar took a half day at work. we went to cheddars. deeelish of course. Then walmart to get supplies for my costume and then the dealership where Lar paid to get my car lights fixed... another $100 to my tab.

Oh AND she paid to have my cell phone turned back on this week. I'm so stoked. She seriously is so amazing and supportive... and SELFLESS.

Today is my sister steph's bday, 27! happy bday :D

I'm excited for the weekend and am sad kind of that it is already here bc I didn't do any haunted houses or hayrides or pumpkin patches! well time for a nappy, then happy hour with the fam for steph's bday, make shirt for tonight, and then figure out the secure plans. yayayayay!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nose bleed

Time to get up today out of bed and I roll over and blood just starts spurting out. I got it on my favorite flannel shirt and his pillow. Oopsie. It was a mild one though. I haven't had one of those in years.

Watched some adorable boys jam out last night. It was refreshing.

Ate delicious pizza... it had fig sauce stuff and mozz and squash and some weird bacon and onions and rosemary and all this other stuff.. and it was deeelish. then we dipped our crusts into hummus that ben made. tasty but it made me miss Carrie's homemade hummus.

watched Wrong Turn 3. terrible. just terrible. it went straight to DVD not because it was too graphic for theaters but because it was ridiculous.

grandparents are here. it is nice having them around because it makes me mom in a better mood. she is off work all week to hang out with them. it is hard though being around everyone all day long. black sheep just keep ringing in my ears.

dropped at of NKU. Epic Fail. cannot afford it bc NKU is dumb and doesn't know how to do financial aid. i want to try to got to UC for their radiologic program but they have a 2-3 year waiting list. I'm so lost.

i trimmed my hair last night. it looks nice. grow. i have been taking prenatal vitamins to help.

etsy had a nice turn for the better this weekend :D

supposedly i make little baby chick noises in my sleep, snore loudly, cough like i have been smoking for 48230482 years, and bleed from my nose all over. attractive.

i did have a good dream last night though. all the lawns were wet on my street and i took a tube and just rode down fast like a maniac down to my house. it was amazing.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Down the rabbit hole

i'm not sure if i have been more excited for any other movie to come out in my life. i wish that dakota fanning was alice.. but she is too young bc alice is supposed to 19 in the movie.. but dakota is like 15 noowww.

oh well it's going to be amazing.

i can't stop thinking about it.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Drag Me to Hell

turned out to be a comedy. we didn't even finish watching it but decided instead to do something scary and walk to the gas station in mt. airy but it proved to be a lot more fun :D

i had a really nice night last night with the greatest boy. even if we never end up together FOREVER and all that jazz, he will always be one of my very best friends. he is a very positive person right now for me to hang out with.

this weekend has many opps for FUNTIME:
today is mom's bday!
gparents comin sunday!
mayday opening!
c&d party!
halloween and present shopping with Lauren!
cleaning and finishing laundry so i feel organized!
making crafts and collages!! :D
wearing my new boots!
fall clothes!
fall love!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

I don't care

what the fuck you think of me.

My mom was freaking out because she had to go to Kohl's for bday presents for October and it just made me so sad. There isn't anything wrong with Kohl's. I just have realized so much over the past year. Material things are fun, don't get me wrong.. but they don't make you who you are. My mom is wonderful just the way she is no matter how much money she spends or where she buys it from.

I watched medium last night... So good.

LL this morning. It wasn't that great... she was crying bc she felt like she had failed. Uhhhh I'm the failure.

Listed my Cole Hamels hat on Ebay. Sad about it.

I have been getting messages that people are following my twitter even though I check it like once a week. i don't even know how people find me.

I have also been recently getting sweaty in the Etsy forums fighting with other Etsy sellers.

Lauren is paying my $5 a load to do her laundry. YIPEEE.

Wednesday has been smelling really good lately... like grass and cold air. I like it.

This weekend the gypsy hut is reopening as a new place called Mayday. Schwing! It's weird I got mugged by punks with guns right near there. But shit like that is all around us.

Things I EXCITE about:

hanging out with Jamie Sunshine
hearing about Tracy's trip to Chicago when she comes home
these christmas tags i made from postcards that were 100 yrs old
all the snail mail i sent out yesterday to my fwraands
momma's bday tomorrow!! yay!
mom-mom & pop-pop are coming into town for a week and we get to carve pumpkins :D
Craft Mafia #2 on Nov. 28 & 29
demetri martin
the new tegan and sara CD woop woop
next semester, more class... dance dance... loan money
volunteering at St. E

things that make me really happy right now:

random messages on facebook. life is so weird without a phone.
the dogs all coming in with dirt on their noses from trying to catch moles.
it being perfect sunroof weather.
the manatees from the cincy zoo are getting released into the wild in FL this week.
they provided much happiness for me this summer, now they get to be free!!
reading. everything.
seeing a particular boooy.
my kick ass little pony, i almost can do a side braid which i'm stoked about.
My practice lab cdrom with dead bodies.
Imagining life with you.

I want to live in a big loft in the city with wednesday. And take xrays to see if people's hearts can grow like the grinch's did. Bc some people really need it.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Always time for F A S H I O N

Bike Ride

Betsey Johnson at ShopStyle

Fall Date :)

Steve Madden at ShopStyle


Dr. Drew

Dr. Drew is my hero. Marry me please.

Just saying.


Things are very fuzzy right now. And I'm not even drunk or on drugs. Really.
I feel extremely weird.


Movies I want to see:Paranormal Activity
Where the Wild Things Are
The Box
Sherlock Holmes

Drag me to hell is on DVD. Must rent ASAP.

Things I want to do for Halloween:USS Nightmare
Fear Fest.. or whatever it is called at K Island
Pumpkin carving (which I think we are doing when my grandparents get here)
Make a halloween costume... still don't know what to be

Things I want:retractable sharpie markers
my quilt drycleaned
to be tan, it never happened this summer
my hair trimmed and touched up
new glasses
this fuzzy hoody from Old Navy which is weird bc I never like their stuff anymore but I keep thinking about this hoodie i saw there and feeling warm inside it
to start dance lessons
to snuggle, particularly in my new hoodie
tattoos. immediately.

I went to a volunteer seminar today at St. E. It was pleasant. I really enjoy the lady in charge. She reminded me of Sue Sylvester, if Sue had a good twin. But my eyes kept doing that thing where everything gets splotchy and you can't see very well. It was so weird to be in the hospital but not be there for myself. So odd. They say your vision gets fucked up when your anxiety is high. Well seeing lately has been a true display of my anxiety.

I really really love my friends. I have not been seeing much of them lately because I don't have a cell phone and I can't contact people very often and I have been sick so much off and on this semester. BUT the times I have hung out with them I have realized I have found some really amazing people that love me for who I am... and for what I have become. I feel desperate sometimes for old friends that don't seem to be able to give me what I want... they are not present and I just have to keep realizing to let it go. My friend Tracy has a little blurb on her FB that says.. don't worry about the people in your past, there's a reason why they didn't make it to your future. I totally agree with that now.

I had a great time dancing my ass off with my friend Jasmine.. and I finally felt like myself for a couple of hours. My soul finally swooped down back into my body like when a vampire or superhero lands steadily, heavily, and strongly after a furious flight.

I worked on a random ass new project last night. I am extremely excited with the results.

You can check out more in my etsy shop! I painted wooden cutouts and sanded them and then used these really cute rub on transfers. I want to design some of my own rubons but I need a lot of help with the computer and trying to make ink drawings digital.

Well tonight I might try to go to Grammers. They are showing three scary movies! I want some free popcorn too. No beers though. I think alcohol would only make life more fuzzy. Cranberry juice with 329,015,826 lemons in it sounds fantastic though. Except I don't have any money AT ALL :( BOO.

Love Love Love

Friday, October 9, 2009


Silence & Noise at ShopStyle

i need this outfit. oh my gosh i can't really explain how happy it made me. i went to search for red lace gloves as the finishing touch and they had them! o.m.gEeejfkdsak!!

and this is what i want to be for halloween, but it is $85 so i think i might try to make something similar myself.

seeing carrie's new place finally
three doggies sleeping in my bed
fall being here
craft shows coming up
cuddling with a sweet boy
lime beer
hair growing fast
dog sitting this weekend, $$$$$
cranenergy juice
hannah's cookies
it's kristen's bday <3
black african soap

missing erica's bday
having panic attacks
missing school
not being able to swallow
still no bank account
still no job
no phone
no school loans


Friday, October 2, 2009

October has begun FINALLY.

I feel like every year I wait and wait and wait for fall but this year it has come so fast weather wise. It is exciting!

I was really sick and got better kind of of then I got Strep throat! It was awful. And I still am not feeling up to par since a month ago. Not sure what is going on?

Probably stress.

Like today for example.

I had to get gas or I would not make it to school for a huge test in anatomy class. The only money I have or even have access to was $10 via my new paypal debit card. Well it decided not to work and the screen kept saying call card issuer. Well, I couldn't because my phone has been shut off for a few weeks now.. due to no funds.

I looked in my wallet and yes indeed I had $13 to my name! $10 in a paypal account that is unusable and three dollars in change that was USABLE! I got a little over one gallon and was able to make it to and fro. Let's just see how tomorrow works...

The test went pretty well. I sweated a lot. But that's normal.

My eyes have been burning.
I think it's because they are the window to your soul.

Etsy = extremely slow. I read that this one seller sold 720 items today and her shop was cool but like not AMAZING. the pics were dark, no tags for searching, and the shipping was the price of the item. And i said wow, looks like I should just give up after the holidays... once I get my Etsy bills paid off! I try to make "cool" "stuff" but there is so much competition out there that it just isn't fun anymore and I don't feel very artistic.

I want to get into drawing again. I haven't drawn for years. The last time I picked up charcoal I was in a figure drawing class and saw my friend Taylor rendering a picture perfect skeleton while mine looked like a jello mold (as most everything i do, does) and the teacher was trying to talk to me and my voice fell silent.. I had a panic attack and walked out of those doors for good... and decided to just get an associates in art because i could never muster up the courage to even go on... let alone do a Sr. show.

But now since I'm on my own and not standing next to someone comparing myself all the time maybe I will have more patience... and more importantly be more gentle to my damn self.

So I'm excited about pumpkins and hayrides... and costumes! and going to haunted houses and bats and fake blood and itchy wigs and candy corn... and wednesday dressing up as something rweally cute. wow, fall is the best. you cannot deny that. etsy is bustling with fall items galore and you can tell fall is just the season of a crafters' dreams!

I recently pierced my ears myself... I have not had my ears pierced since I was six or seven. I feel okay about it. It didn't hurt that much. Just sounded disgusting as it tore through the skin. It's very very odd to see myself with earrings in.. but i think it can open some doors for me styling wise. Sometimes I'm looking for the perfect accessory... ?!

That is all for now in my nook.

oh yea... once my school loans come in..
i am getting heroes tattooed on my left wrist
and thieves tattooed on my right

we never really know anyone.