Thursday, October 22, 2009

I don't care

what the fuck you think of me.

My mom was freaking out because she had to go to Kohl's for bday presents for October and it just made me so sad. There isn't anything wrong with Kohl's. I just have realized so much over the past year. Material things are fun, don't get me wrong.. but they don't make you who you are. My mom is wonderful just the way she is no matter how much money she spends or where she buys it from.

I watched medium last night... So good.

LL this morning. It wasn't that great... she was crying bc she felt like she had failed. Uhhhh I'm the failure.

Listed my Cole Hamels hat on Ebay. Sad about it.

I have been getting messages that people are following my twitter even though I check it like once a week. i don't even know how people find me.

I have also been recently getting sweaty in the Etsy forums fighting with other Etsy sellers.

Lauren is paying my $5 a load to do her laundry. YIPEEE.

Wednesday has been smelling really good lately... like grass and cold air. I like it.

This weekend the gypsy hut is reopening as a new place called Mayday. Schwing! It's weird I got mugged by punks with guns right near there. But shit like that is all around us.

Things I EXCITE about:

hanging out with Jamie Sunshine
hearing about Tracy's trip to Chicago when she comes home
these christmas tags i made from postcards that were 100 yrs old
all the snail mail i sent out yesterday to my fwraands
momma's bday tomorrow!! yay!
mom-mom & pop-pop are coming into town for a week and we get to carve pumpkins :D
Craft Mafia #2 on Nov. 28 & 29
demetri martin
the new tegan and sara CD woop woop
next semester, more class... dance dance... loan money
volunteering at St. E

things that make me really happy right now:

random messages on facebook. life is so weird without a phone.
the dogs all coming in with dirt on their noses from trying to catch moles.
it being perfect sunroof weather.
the manatees from the cincy zoo are getting released into the wild in FL this week.
they provided much happiness for me this summer, now they get to be free!!
reading. everything.
seeing a particular boooy.
my kick ass little pony, i almost can do a side braid which i'm stoked about.
My practice lab cdrom with dead bodies.
Imagining life with you.

I want to live in a big loft in the city with wednesday. And take xrays to see if people's hearts can grow like the grinch's did. Bc some people really need it.

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