Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nose bleed

Time to get up today out of bed and I roll over and blood just starts spurting out. I got it on my favorite flannel shirt and his pillow. Oopsie. It was a mild one though. I haven't had one of those in years.

Watched some adorable boys jam out last night. It was refreshing.

Ate delicious pizza... it had fig sauce stuff and mozz and squash and some weird bacon and onions and rosemary and all this other stuff.. and it was deeelish. then we dipped our crusts into hummus that ben made. tasty but it made me miss Carrie's homemade hummus.

watched Wrong Turn 3. terrible. just terrible. it went straight to DVD not because it was too graphic for theaters but because it was ridiculous.

grandparents are here. it is nice having them around because it makes me mom in a better mood. she is off work all week to hang out with them. it is hard though being around everyone all day long. black sheep just keep ringing in my ears.

dropped at of NKU. Epic Fail. cannot afford it bc NKU is dumb and doesn't know how to do financial aid. i want to try to got to UC for their radiologic program but they have a 2-3 year waiting list. I'm so lost.

i trimmed my hair last night. it looks nice. grow. i have been taking prenatal vitamins to help.

etsy had a nice turn for the better this weekend :D

supposedly i make little baby chick noises in my sleep, snore loudly, cough like i have been smoking for 48230482 years, and bleed from my nose all over. attractive.

i did have a good dream last night though. all the lawns were wet on my street and i took a tube and just rode down fast like a maniac down to my house. it was amazing.


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