Saturday, November 7, 2009


I'm not going to blog about halloween, too much to say. seriously.

This week was TOUGH. I want to move out :( I just feel like a huge burden and too much pressure in this house. I feel kind of like I can't breath.

Toying with the idea of filing bankruptcy but don't want to just for the sole reason that I won't be able to rent ANYWHERE. And I don't know a lot of people I could live with. Just my friend Carrie but she has a place until next summer. Or if I was with someone... but that is not the current situation.

Long boring week.. except for Thurs. night. Wednesday and I went to Mr. Helton's for a little sleepover parrrty! It was extremely fun until we started watching Last House on the Left and I ended up under the covers with my fingers holding my ears shut and hoping I'd fall fast asleep. Then in the morning I got to meet a little sassy four year old who planned a trip with me to find the spirit of the cowgirls in Texas. I was to ride a green horse and Wednesday a brown dog horse that barked. Hopefully this happens.

Friday night was also not boring but very fun :) Lauren and I got to babysit Penny Lou and Pickles the doggie. Penny is hilarious. And very precious. I didn't mind having a sweet babe laying on me for three hours. I think it actually was really good for me.

Things in the works: job interview at Forever 21 on thurs... Ha! Probably will only be a little bit of money but it's a start! I have been emailing and calling UC but have not heard back yet. Hopefully I can get that accomplished this week. And I need to figure out if I am filing bankruptcy or not and make an appt. with the lawyer dude who is really nice. And lots of driving crap I need to get fixed up.

Um do you know that VW charges $135-$300 to get keys made. LAME.